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flangeDOTS + Tag & flangeRINGS- Self Adhesive Flange Protection

Mar 31, 2021


What are flangeDOTS + Tags & flangeRINGS?

Now both are made from the same material as our flangeDOTS. Each of these provide a different benefit depending on your situation.
Starting with our flangeDOTS+ Tags, these guys have the same VCI rust inhibitor, so you do not have to worry about your flange face rusting. What makes these special is the added benefit of that tag. The tag is a visual clue that lets inspectors know if a flangeDOT has been left on during a bolting test.
Now for our flangeRINGS, again they provide all the same benefits as our flangeDOTS. These are cool because you can access the inside of the pipe while still protecting the flange face. Whether you need to access the pipe for inspections, or cleanings it can easily be done with this.

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