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flangeDOTS- Self Adhesive Flange Protection

Mar 24, 2021


What are FlangeDOTS?

What are flangeDOTS and how does one apply them? FlangeDOTS® are adhesive flange protectors that hold up to the most aggressive blast media including shot blasting. They also keep unwanted debris out of all your piping components during these processes. Additionally, flangeDOTS® can be installed and removed quickly. They have a water-based adhesive that is safe to use on all grades of steel and specialty metals including stainless steel.

They are precision-cut to fit the raised face surface and give you a clean paint edge. And there is just one more thing, we have added a VCI additive to the adhesive to keep the flange face from rusting. So now, even for short- and long-term storage, we believe flangeDOTS® +VCI is the most effective adhesive flange protector on the market today.

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