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flangeCORR - Medium Impact Flange Protectors

Sep 30, 2021




What is flangeCORR?

Our flangeCORR is an inexpensive and lightweight, medium impact flange protector. It keeps debris out of the interior of your pipes and is perfect to use during shipping or storing indoors. flangeCORR can be install fast and easily with zip ties.

Before we apply our flangeCORR we are going to start by installing a flangeDOT. You simply peel off the backing and stick it to the flange face. Next, we are going to grab our flangeCORR in the correct pipe size and pressure class. Here we are using an 8” 150. And all you must do is take UV resistant zip ties and attach the flangeCORR through the bolt holes.

You can either attach the flangeCORR 50% of the way with zip ties or 100% of the way, which ever method you prefer. Alright guys that’s it! Make sure that when you are in the field applying these that you are following all HSE safety guidelines.

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