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flangeBUMPER & flangeBUMPER + Gasket - Rigid Flange Protection

Apr 07, 2021


What are flangeBUMPERS & flangeBUMPERS + Gasket?

Today we are going to look at these flangeBUMPERS and our flangeBUMPER + Gasket.
Our flangeBUMPERS are rigid flange protection manufactured from tough laminate. These guys do an awesome job at protecting the flange face against mechanical damage that commonly occurs during fabrication, staging, shipping, or storage.
They are reusable, lightweight, and will not warp, crap, or absorb moisture. Now our flangeBUMPER + Gasket is the same thing BUT the added quarter inch foam gasket creates a water and air-tight seal while providing even more impact protection.

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