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Flange Management Tags

Feb 01, 2022


Flange Management Tags 

Flange management tags are used to provide a quick visual on the inspection status of your flanges. Our tags are made of a synthetic paper that is durable outside, water resistant, and UV stable. The material is flexible and lightweight but will withstand extreme temperature swings.

Each tag has a brass grommet on it that makes it easy to attach to your flanges. They are also perforated so that when each stage is complete can be torn off. This one is perforated 2 times, but we can make the tag longer add as many stages and perforations that you would need. Our tags are also very easy to write on with a sharpie! All the information and coloring on the tag is all customizable to YOUR specific needs.

Alright guys that is it! Make sure that when you are using these in the field that you are following all HSE safety guidelines.

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