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Preventing Flange Face Rust & Corrosion Damage

Jan 27, 2021

Repairing and preventing damage to Flange Face due to corrosion is crucial. Check out our post on how to do just that or contact our team for help!


How Does Rust & Corrosion Damage Flange Face?

As stated in previous blog posts, the machined gasket seat of a flanged connection is the most critical element needing protection during all phases of piping system manufacturing and construction. Excessive rust or corrosion on this surface can cause you to fail an inspection and if severe enough, can force you to resurface the flange face before final bolting.

Corrosion needs 3 things to occur. First a metal surface, second moisture, and finally oxygen. If you remove any one of these three things, corrosion will not occur. Ferrous Flange Faces left exposed to rain and moisture during outdoor storage are prime targets for rust and corrosion. Even flanges stored in unconditioned warehouses are susceptible to these damages. Subject a steel flange face to the moisture content and oxygen in a humid atmosphere creates the three necessary components for corrosion.

If the rusting is left unchecked, it eventually causes damage to the machined surface resulting in the flange face needing to be resurfaced. Rust removal and resurfacing can cause major project delays and lead to unnecessary expenses. There are hundreds of corrosion inhibitors on the market today. Some simply displace moisture while others have corrosion inhibiting ingredients that bond to the steel surface.

Picking the Right Flange Face Protection

Picking the right product for your application and keeping moisture away from the machined surface of the flange face is essential in the protection and preservation of your piping system components.

To recap, mechanical damage and corrosion the two major types of flange damage, and when resolved will allow your construction schedule to run much smoother!

Make sure you join us next week as we discuss unwanted debris in the piping system components!


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