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Face Turning Comparator | WHY IS IT USEFUL?

Jul 12, 2022

What is a Face Turning Comparator?

This tool is a surface roughness comparator, that is used to check the surface of the gramophone on flanges and nozzles after they have been machined. You use this tool to ensure the correct flange face groove pattern was machined into the asset.

You want to make sure that you assets have the correct finish profile because it will effect the sealing properties of the flange face. On top part of the tool you can see the chart that helps you determine what finish you need and the bottom has all of the different finishes that you compare to your asset after machining.

To test whether or not the gramophone was machined correctly run your fingernail across the comparator in the correct grooves and then do the same to your machined equipment to see if they match. You can also count the grooves on the comparator and see if it matches the same number of grooves on your asset. Alright guys, that’s it!

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