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Emitter Encapsulation in a Valve

Oct 08, 2021


How to protect a valve with a flangeDOT and an emitter cup. 

 In this video we are going to show you how to use an emitter cup to protect the inside of a valve. For simplicity we are going to be using a stainless-steel flange, because we do not have a valve on hand, but the process is still the same. Now before you protect any equipment make sure it is cleaned and free of debris or oils.

The emitter cup that we are using today is a Cortec VpCI-105 emitter cup. In this case 105 represents its ability to provide 5 cubic feet of void space protection. We are going to start by peeling the backing off of the emitter cup and setting it to the side. Next, we take our flangeDOT and remove the backing as well. Now all you have to do is stick the emitter cup onto the adhesive side of the flangeDOT. And then take the flangeDOT and stick it onto a clean flange face.

And now the inside of your equipment will be protected for up to two years. One major benefit to sticking it to our flangeDOT is that the emitter does not get left behind when the valve is ready to be used.

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