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Downstream Construction & Turnaround Overview

Jan 30, 2023

Hello everyone! Over the next several months, we are going to do a deep dive into piping protection and preservation as it relates to Downstream Construction & Turnaround.

We will start at FID (Final Investment Decision) and end at PIT (Product In Tank) and try to cover everything in between. We have divided this into three main categories. Procurement, Construction, and Start Up. These categories have a total of 14 subcategories to give details into each area. (See Chart Below)

We will be discussing some common pitfalls, industry standards, improvements, and innovations to help you get from FID to PIT as quickly and efficiently as possible and to avoid costly mistakes that kill your project schedule. Before we deep dive into the piping protection and preservation downstream construction and turnaround we want to touch on a few huge key points to take care of first!

Everyone has heard the old adage and it rings true here... Failing to plan, is planning to fail. The contractor's engineering/procurement team should establish preservation requirements for equipment and materials from the supplier during packing, shipping, and storage by providing a CLEAR and CONCISE list of all documentation and drawings as a condition of awarding the purchase order.  These technical requirements should be included in the purchase order as part of Commercial/Technical Notes, specifications, drawings, and submittals along with transportation and logistics information.  

Suppliers, and their sub-supplier, should be required to submit documentation for: 

Storage and Preservation Requirements  

Packing and Protection Procedures 

Special requirements for handling and transport  

Cleaning & Inspection  

Test Plans 

Routine Maintenance 

Spare Parts 

Manufacturer's Installation

Operating and Maintenance Instructions 

BOTH contractors and suppliers should ensure that all equipment and materials are preserved prior to notification for pick-up. The supplier's quality representatives should inspect critical materials and equipment and verify that all preservations requirements are met for the storage conditions and duration prior to leaving the facility. Suppliers shall maintain preservation requirements of all equipment, materials, components, and spare parts under their care, custody, and control until accepted by Contractor. 

Downstream construction and turnaround





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