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Cleaning the flange face with Cortec VpCI

Sep 08, 2021




How do you clean a flange face with Cortec products? 

First, we will start with VpCI-423 to remove the top layer of rust and paint. Starting the VpCI-423 make sure that you fully coat the raised face surface area. You want to make sure that you let the product sit for 1-2 minutes before scrubbing. The longer you let the product sit on the flange face, the easier the cleaning process will be. 

Using the heavy-duty scour pad make sure that when you are scrubbing that you clean with the grooves on the flange face. You never want to scrub against the grain. Periodically wipe and reapply the VpCI-423 as necessary as needed. Severely rusted flanges may need several applications of the 423 cleaner.

After scrubbing the flange face needs a final cleaning with VpCI-414. Lightly coat the flange face with the 414 cleaner to remove may tackiness from the rust remover. You may need to wipe and reapply the 414 several times to completly remove all of the tackiness. Thoroughly wipe the flange face dry and ensure that no cleaner remains. 

And now you have a clean flange!

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