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50% VS 100% Bolting | WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

Apr 26, 2022


50% VS 100% Bolting

Now 100% bolting is demonstrated when the flangeBUMPER has 100% of the bolt holes secured with a multiNUTS and screw. Doing this gives to the most protection and is essential for long term preservation.

50% bolting is when only half of the bolt holes are secured with a multiNUTS and screw. When you do 50% bolting you want to make sure that you are ALTERNATING the multiNUTS and screws. Here is how you properly do 50% bolting. This method allows for the flangeBUMPER to be more secure all the way around. This method of bolting does save you time on big flanges, but it is not ideal for long-term preservation. 

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