Valve Protection

The protection of Valve Flange Faces is very important in the Oil & Gas Industry due to the great expense to resurface when damage occurs. Weather it’s during the manufacturing, reconditioning, shipping, storage or installation of valves, Precision Piping Products (P3) has the right product to protect your valve flange faces against dints and dings, blast and paint, rust and a many other BAD THINGS that can cost you thousands in resurfacing costs. P3 works with many of the leading O&G Industry valve manufactures to protect during the manufacturing and reconditioning process. We also help many of the top Blast and Coating Companies to insure they don’t cause damage to customer supplied valves during the blast and paint process. Our EPC customers have saved tens of thousands of dollars in resurfacing cost alone during storage and the installation process of expensive control valves. Not to mention the cost saving associated with delays to projects, additional man hours, cranes, scaffolding and the resurfacing cost once the valve is already installed.

P3 is your one stop shop when it comes to protecting your expensive controls valves. Using flangeDOTS, flangeBUMPER®, multiNUTS, flangeMAGS, flangeRINGS, paddleMAGS, Seal-N-Peel and may other P3 products, you can virtually eliminate costly delays due to damage to your valve flange faces.

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