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Valve Protection

Shot/sand blasting, painting, debris, and corrosion of valves place the critical flange sealing surface, valve seat, and internal sealing surfaces at risk if not properly protected and preserved. Large valves are considered specialty items and are difficult and costly to repair or replace if damaged.

flangeDOTS+VCI or flangeDOTS+Tag+VCI are the first step at protecting valve flange face sealing surfaces as well as valve internals. The VCI additive included in the adhesive will help prevent your valve flange face from rusting. For added internal valve protection, Cortec VpCI 130 series sponges or Cortec VpCI emitter cups can be stuck on the back of the DOTS for added internal corrosion protection. Shipping, rigging, moving valves (especially large bore actuated valves) can subject your critical valves to impact damage. Traditionally, large metal protection plates are used to protect valves, and do not come with lifting lugs and are quite heavy/difficult to remove.

Precision Piping Products has created lightweight impact resistant products for all your valve needs. flangeBUMPERS and flangeBUMPERS+Gaskets are designed to be easily installed with our multi-nuts and complete our patented approach to keep your valves protected during all phases of the construction process. As we all know, projects do not have warehouse space to store your valves inside.  At Precision Piping Products, we truly believe our products cost an ounce worth of protection, while providing a pound a cure.

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