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Is Your O&G Project Affected by the Slow Down?


Too much supply and too little demand puts many construction projects on hold!
If your project is already underway, what do you do with the piping assets in process or completed?
That huge investment in pipes, valves, and mechanical equipment sitting in your storage yard, will look more like a scrapyard in a year or two if you don’t protect it properly.



Either do nothing and spend a fortune on repairs and replacements when the project starts back up or,
Be proactive now by protecting and preserving those assets so they are like new and ready to install when the time comes.





Stopping corrosion, flange damage, and debris in your piping component is crucial during long term storage.

We can help you accomplish this with our patented preservation system.
Both owner-operators and world-leading EPCs have recognized the value and ROI of this system and have specified its use on their projects.




Contact us today and protect and preserve your piping components and mechanical equipment.