Piping & Flange Preservation - Stop Corrosion, Stop Flange Damage, Stop Debris in Your Piping System

Preserving flange faces, mechanical piping and equipment is a vital but challenging task you face in today’s oil and gas industry. Additional costs and delays associated with corrosion, flange damage and foreign materials inside the piping components can really hurt your bottom line and your reputation. Building downstream facilities quicker with less delays due to piping system damage is possible!

Our goal is to help you protect your piping assets, so you can get through the construction or turn around process as quickly and efficiently as possible with our patented preservation system. When implemented, it creates an airtight, watertight seal on all your pipe spools and mechanical equipment, stopping corrosion, flange damage and debris in the piping system.

On a large LNG construction project in Western Australia, one EPC experienced a 98% reduction in flange damage from train 1 to train two, and a 100% reduction in contamination using P3 products on train 2. The most significant advantages were an accelerated project schedule and the savings of an estimated 8-10 million dollars in direct and indirect costs associated with this damage. These efficiencies helped their credibility with their customer and helped position them as the industry leader in LNG construction.

The typical process for implementing our Preservation System: 

This patented preservation system produces an air-tight, water-tight seal that is proven to protect the critical surface areas of your pipe spools, valves, vessels, and mechanical equipment against any weather condition. It also seals the interiors of those items, preventing your corrosion inhibitors from escaping, and does not allow outside air and moisture to get inside to do unseen damage. We even submerged a pipe spool underwater for 31 days. The result was, no water in the pipe spool and no rust on the flange face. Precision Piping Products has a proven track record in the short and long-term preservation of critical surface areas, such as flange faces. Let Precision Piping Products help you preserve your project assets so you can build more in less time!  Your results will be staggering!

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