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Cortec is recognized around the world as Expertise in Corrosion and Rust prevention! Cortec VpCI products are the go-to corrosion preventatives in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Military, Mining, Renewables and Water industries. Whether it’s Cleaners, Coatings, Emitters, Additives, or protective Films, Cortec is the name you can trust. If you need someone to professionally install Cortec or P3 products, Cortec Global Services is our boots on the ground partner that can assist you.


Cortec VpCI Products


CorrLube VpCI Grease- Lithium grease with calcium thickener and VpCI blended additives

VpCI Super Penetrant: Water displacement/cleaner/penetrant. Provides outdoor corrosion protection.  Non-flammable

VpCI-414: Cleaner/Degreaser/coatings remover. Provides corrosion protection after cleaning.  Non-flammable

VpCI-416: Heavy-duty water-based alkaline cleaner and degreaser. Provides flash corrosion protection outdoors.  Non-flammable

VpCI-418: Heavy duty non-foaming alkaline based cleaner/degreaser. Can be used in spray/power wash applications.  Non-flammable.

VpCI-422: Water and citric acid based cleaner/degreaser

VpCI-423 Gel: Gel Based Rust Remover. Bio-based product. Prevents flash rusting. Non-Flammable

VpCI-239: Multifunctional cleaner/corrosion protector.  Also protects high/low voltage and current electrical devices, relays, connectors and motors. Great at removing rust from flange faces.

VpCI-337: Water based VpCI liquid that can be fogged into void spaces such as tanks, pipe internals, etc.  Also available in a winterized version.

VpCI-368: Wax based, brown, slightly tacky corrosion protector.  Must be removed with a solvent such as VpCI-414.  Great for protecting shafts, pump shoes, etc..

VpCI-391 : Clear to hazy white removable outdoor corrosion preventative product.



Desicorr VpCI Pouch: Tyvek containing desiccant and VpCI beads

VpCI-101: VpCI foam emitter for small electrical enclosures

VpCI-105: Emitter Cup with self-stick backing for electrical enclosures. Protects up to 5 cubic feet

VpCI-111: Emitter Cup with self-stick backing for electrical enclosures. Protects up to 11 cubic feet

VpCI-133 Squares: Self-stick backing foam emitter. Protects up to .5 cubic feet of void space

VpCI 308/VpCI 309: Multi-metal VpCI powder enclosed in a Tyvek pouch. VpCI -309 can be fogged or directly mixed with water.


OIL/Fuel Additives

M-531: Oil based corrosion inhibitor.  Protects above the liquid line.  Non-Flammable.  Should be mixed with a low viscosity oil (ex. T-32)

VpCI-705: corrosion inhibitor, fuel stabilizer, and water emulsifier for gasoline, diesel, and gasohol mixtures


Packaging Films

MillCorr VpCI Shrink Film: Heavy Duty VpCI Shrink film. Long term storage product.

VpCI-126 Film: VpCI plastic shrink film.  ESD additive and UV version are available.


Flushing/Hydrotest Additive Fluid

VpCI 649/649BD(Biocide Additive): Additive to hydrotest water for use in corrosion protection/wet layup applications.





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