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VpCI-309 with flangeBUMPER+Gasket

Nov 24, 2021



How to use Cortec 309 & a flangeBUMPER+Gasket

For this you will need Cortec 309 pouches, multiNUTS & screws, and you will need a flangeBUMPER+Gasket. The first think you want to do is ensure that the flange face is clean and properly preserved. Next, we are going to take two 309 pouches and place them inside our pipe spool.

The pouches will emit VpCI into the spool through the bag. On average these can preserve equipment for 12-18 months. Next, we are going to place our flangeBUMPER+Gasket onto the flange face to keep the vapor inside the spool. Here we have an asset tag that we will be placing on the outside of the pipe that indicates that 309 pouches are inside along with the date that we placed them inside.  We are going to hand tighten the multiNUTS first and then follow that will a drill to ensure that we have a good seal. 

Finally, we place a Cortec VpCI sticker onto the flangeBUMPER to show that this pipe spool has been preserved. Alright guys, that’s it!

If you are interested in your own custom asset tags or flangeBUMPERS click this link! 

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