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Three Most Common Types of Flange Faces | FLAT, RAISED, RTJ

May 31, 2022


Three Most Common Types of Flange Faces

The three most common types of flanges face are, flat, raised, and ring-type joint or RTJ. Starting with a flat face flange, these use a “full face” gasket and have a large contact sealing area. These types of flanges are normally cast iron and are used during love pressure applications and for pressure classes 125 and 200.

Moving on to a raised face flange, these are the most commonly used. These flanges this get their name because the flange face is raised off the bolting circle plane. These flanges are available in 150# - 2500# pressure classes and are normally used in process plant applications.  The sealing surface of a raised face flange can have 5 different types of finishes on the gramophone. Raised face flanges focus pressure on a small area of the gasket to improve sealing/pressure control. If you are not sure where this is exactly, we have created a tool to help you easily inspect this type of flange. I will link our P3-GIT video below so that you guys can check it out if you are interested!

And finally, we have our ring-type joint of RTJ flange. These flanges are typically used for more sever applications, particularly for high pressure/high temperature applications. The sealing surface on these types of flanges are in this machined groove. This small groove is where the gasket is installed and gets compressed when two RTJ flanges are mated.

P3-GIT : Gramophone Inspection Tool Video 

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