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Pipe Protection During Grinding

Jan 25, 2022


Pipe Protection During Grinding 

Before we start grinding, make sure that you always leave the handle and the guard on to ensure your safety. Often when you are grinding a bevel in a pipe all of the grinding dust contaminates the inside of the pipe and can damage flanged pipes around it. We have two solutions that can help eliminate this damage.

Starting with the pipe that you will be grinding on, we have created a pipeDAM that keeps out all the debris and stays securely in place. Our pipeDAM fits snig inside the pipe to ensure that nothing gets inside, it is easy to remove with this handle, and it can be reused. This tool saves you the time it takes to clean the inside of the pipe when you are finished. You simply push it inside and you are ready to go! 

When we remove it, no grinding dust is left inside! Now we also want to also protect the flanged pipes next to the pipe that we are grinding. We are going to stick on our flangeDOT and now we are safe to grind the pipe next to it. Our flangeDOTS are super easy to apply, keeps out the debris, and will not be affected by the grinding dust. 

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