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How to apply Cortec VpCI 126

Feb 22, 2022

How to apply Cortec VpCI 126

Typically, Cortec VpCI-126 comes in a roll, and all you have to do is measure out how much you need and cut it. Today we are going to be preserving a 6in stainless steel flange. We placed a flangeDOT on the flange face for extra protection against corrosion.

Now we are going to wrap the film around our stainless-steel flange and use a heat gun to shrink the material around it. If there are spots where you need the material to be held down, you can secure it with heat shrink tape. Cortec 126 has VCI embedded into the material to preserve your assets and keep them from rusting. The shelf life of this product is 24 months, and it will typically provide protection for up to two years.

And here we have it, our stainless-steel flange is now properly preserved! Also, when you are using the heat gun make sure that you do not get to close to the film because it will burn are whole into it.  

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