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Encapsulation using Cortec 337 & a flangeDOT

Oct 20, 2021



How to encapsulate Cortec 337 using a flangeDOT.

The first thing you are going to need is Cortec 337 Void Space Rust Preventative. The next thing you will need is Cortec vapor detection solution and some test strips. Finally, you will need a flangeDOT in the correct pipe size, here we have an 8” flangeDOT.

We are going to start by spraying the Cortec 337 directly into the pipe spool. This spray is made to protect one cubic foot of piping. For a pipe spool this size it will take about 1/3 of the can. Next, we peel the backing off our flangeDOT and dip the testing strip into the Cortec vapor detection solution. Make sure that you thoroughly coat the test strip into the solution. Now we take the strip and lay it onto the adhesive side of the flangeDOT. To keep the Cortec 337 inside our pipe spool we apply the flangeDOT onto the flange face and seal the edges. After some time, we peeled back the flangeDOT to see that the test strip has turned pink, indicating that there is VCI encapsulated in the pipe spool. When sealed this encapsulation will last 12-18 months. For an even longer hold make sure that you place a flangeBUMPER and multiNUTS over the flangeDOT. 

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