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Bringing Solutions to Customer’s Everyday Problems

Apr 04, 2018

At 1pm one afternoon Shawn, one of our outside sales reps, brought a problem that one of our local gas compression customers had told him about. They were having to caulk around each sole plate on their skids after leveling them. The caulk would then have to dry before they could grout the sole plates into place. This would cost them at least a day in production just from waiting for it to dry.

Custom Product Solutions


Keith, the owner, and Austin, one of our design engineers, sat down with Shawn and began brainstorming. They landed on the idea of what is now our groutDAM™. We found the foam and plastic for the product, Austin drew up the design and gave it to production. That same day Shawn took the prototype of the groutDAM to our customer to check to see if it fit and worked. It fit a little snug with the top plastic piece, so we tweaked the drawing and manufactured a new prototype to test (pictured). It worked and fit a lot better than the first attempt. It all started with the customer mentioning a small problem to Shawn and now they have rolled out this product to all of their gas compression skids and we manufacture over 10 different sized groutDAMs for them to use while they grout their sole plates.

Concept to prototype, we had a custom product solution to our customer that afternoon in less than three hours. From our very first product, flangeDOTS®, to our products listed on our custom products page, we are a solution-based company. We are always trying to innovate and try new things to help our customer. If you have a pain point in your operation or are looking for ways to improve and make your process more efficient then contact us today and we will come up with a solution for you.

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