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Move More Product Through Your Blast & Paint Booths!

As a blast & paint contractor for the O&G industry, the speed at which you move items through your blast and paint process will make or break your profit. We can help you speed up the masking process of piping components, so you have items waiting at the door of the blast and paint booth, creating more billable hours for your facility. 


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Waiting on pipe spools and mechanical equipment to be masked before reaching your blast and paint booth means they are not working at maximum capacity. That translates to lost revenue opportunities for your business. If not masking properly you can even incur damage to flange faces and introduce debris inside the piping components.

There is now a way you can significantly reduce the time it takes to mask piping components and mechanical equipment while greatly reducing and hopefully eliminating flange face and internal damage during blast and paint. This will allow you to have fewer reworks & get more product out the door! No more cleaning debris from the piping system components and removing the masking and cleaning residue left behind. What does this look like for your blast and paint facility?

Our flangeDOTS will allow you to achieve all this and more! They are designed to protect and preserve during every phase of your blast and paint process, and with the VCI in the adhesive, they can be left on during transport and shipping to protect from corrosion, damage, and debris.

Our products have a proven track record with many large blast and paint facilities serving the Oil and Gas industry. We can help you save time, save money, and produce a higher volume, better quality product in the same amount of time!

blast and paint contractors protect flange faces from damage.


Contact us today and protect and preserve your piping components and mechanical equipment.

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